IP Human Detection Cameras

• Links to any smartphone, tablet, laptop from anywhere
• Alarm system combined with a camera view
• Instant notification on intruder alerts via the app and email
• Daily graphs will be provided via email
• Our human detection camera is a system that picks up any movement of people around your premises where these cameras has been set up
• Pick up movements up to 14-17 metres.
• Photo clips of the incident are sent DIRECTLY to your smartPHONE.

Equipment installations depend on the customer’s requirements and our highly trained technical and sales team will do a site survey to provide you with the best quality Security equipment to suit your needs and specifications.

CCTV features

• Free quotations
• Wireless cameras with a wireless range of up to 300m
• General surveillance camera's for your home or small business
• Night and day general surveillance cameras
• General surveillance cameras with a range of 30-50m
• 3year guarantee
• Your CCTV camera is installed in less than one week
• Depending on your insurance this can lower your insurance premium

  • Are you the owner or manager of a company? We also have a rental option available.

Benefits of CCTV

• Our prices are very competitive
• Prevents fraud
• Reduces theft
• Of site monitoring by customer
• Keeps your family safe
• Keeps an eye on your business
• Our system never sleeps


Analogue vs IP/HD Cameras

Analogue Cameras have different ways of transmitting signals than an IP/HD Camera, for example:

• Wireless
• Coax Cable
• Cat5 Cable

Analogue Pros


Cost = Better price to performance ratio then IP Flexibility of design = Varies of camera types (small to large with IR) Very compatible & easy installation with no major problems

Analogue Cons


Have limited features like built-in digital zoom Interference may occur with a wireless Signal loss with very long distances

Most IP/HD Cameras have different ways of transmitting signals for example:


IP/HD Camera Pros


Better encryption allows for less interference, thus better wireless support To add one or more cameras at a remote site can be easier May be connected to an existing network


IP/HD Camera Cons


High bandwidth use: ± 500kbps to 1.5Mbps High cost compared to analogue cameras Vendor restricted: Not all brands support all features, thus selecting a brand may be difficult

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